Which Keenetic Wi-Fi solution is right for you?
Get the most out of your Internet connection with Keenetic. Just answer six simple questions, and we will help you!
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Enhanced gameplay
Buff yourself with a true hidden super-weapon: the world's most sophisticated Wi-Fi routers.
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Keenetic Titan KN-1811
Further. Out of limits. Beyond
Multi-Gig Ethernet and routing speeds up to 3000 Mbps. 250–500 Mbps for OpenVPN and IPSec. Up to 240 MB/s for USB drives. Good enough for anything Wi-Fi AX3200 with WHNAT acceleration.
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Keenetic Hero 4G+ KN-2311
The solution to your rural connectivity problems
Plug in a 4G/3G SIM and surf seamlessly from your second home, holiday rental, business centre, wherever you are. Take advantage of Wi-Fi Mesh, VPN and other KeeneticOS features.
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A smart home needs a smart router
Whatever your smart home system and whatever smart devices populate it, they all need reliable and convenient Internet access and secure management.
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Ready to use right out of the box

For your convenience

We did it for you. The Wi-Fi networks, security, traffic prioritization and everything else you need to get online seamlessly is already set up. No more fiddly configurations or complex processes. All you need to do is plug in the Keenetic and download the mobile app. Convenient, eh?

My home is my castle

Peace of mind for the whole family

KeeneticOS gives every Keenetic router industry-leading privacy and security features. Built-in protection against malware, viruses and DNS attacks keeps your family safe. Your Keenetic router is always up-to-date and protected with important security enhancements and software updates. No competitor comes close.

Simple controls

The easiest management. Ever

The Keenetic mobile app is the hub of your home network management. Carefully designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, it allows you to check, change and manage everything at the touch of a button.

Wi-Fi everywhere!

There's nowhere to hide

When the most advanced wireless technology meets the most advanced software, magic happens. Our powerful mesh system lets you cover your whole house with a superfast Wi-Fi network. No more worrying about losing signal when you move around the house for a WhatsApp video call. Gigabits of throughput for all your family and friends. Forever and ever.

Beyond the limits

Connect as many devices as you like

With KeeneticOS, you are never limited. You don't have to worry about the Wi-Fi network when your friends come over. Keenetic routers are the perfect combination of hardware and software for a life without limits. All your appliances, smart home devices, beacons and all your friends' devices can use the power of your home network without hindrance.

Stream, play and browse like a pro

Because you can

Enjoy a lag-free life with the power of advanced, application-aware traffic prioritisation technology - IntelliQoS. Watch 4K video on Netflix, live stream on Instagram and play online games. Your Keenetic is designed to handle large amounts of data and manage multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring that everyone in your home enjoys a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.

Not sure what best suits your needs?

Solution finder

Get it done with just a tap!

Keenetic app allows you to take full advantage of your Wi-Fi network. Add rules and set up schedules for your kid’s devices.

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