A smart home needs a smart router

Whatever your smart home system and whatever smart devices populate it, they all need reliable and convenient Internet access and secure management. Any Keenetic router as the foundation of a smart home will provide uninterrupted connectivity, secure guest reception, parental controls, remote management via cloud and mobile app, traffic filtering and monitoring.

The smart home foundation

Internet connection and backup

Use multiple connections for seamless Internet access: via any Ethernet port, via Wi-Fi, external or built-in xDSL and 4G modems, and via fibre optics thanks to the optional SFP module (on models with an SFP connector). If the main connection suddenly goes down, your home stays connected via redundant connections.

Home network segmentation

For security and to apply separate rules, divide client devices into isolated zones: add any additional segments, such as "Smart Home" and "Children's", to the existing Home segment and Guest segment. The devices within the segments can only access the Internet and, if necessary, each other.

Time, speed and content control

Set hourly and daily schedules for individual client devices and segments, set speed limits and enable AdGuard DNS, CleanBrowsing, Neustar UltraDNS Public, OpenDNS, Quad9 or Cloudflare DNS to hide ads and block access to adult content, malware and fraudulent sites.

Traffic monitoring

Monitor usage by registered client devices. Monitoring shows the top 5 consuming devices over a selected time interval: three minutes, one hour, three hours and one day. Clear figures make it easy to track activity and data volumes and set limits.

Cloud access and mobile management

Manage the router itself and individual smart home devices with the free cloud-based KeenDNS service, which works behind a private IP address and provides access by a convenient domain name over secure HTTPS. The Keenetic mobile app also uses the cloud.

Seamless coverage in Mesh Wi-Fi System

To expand your Wi-Fi coverage, simply add any Keenetic models as range extenders to the main router, depending on your requirements for port speed, Wi-Fi class and USB functionality. Connect them by cable or over the air via Mesh Wi-Fi and control the whole system from the main router.

Make the most of your router's capabilities

Use WireGuard, IPSec and SSTP VPN tunnels (even works with a private IP address) for remote access, along with the KeenDNS cloud service to further secure access to your smart home devices.

If your Keenetic has a multi-function USB port, connect a USB drive to it to set up Download Center, Media Server, back up Windows 10 and Time Machine, create a file server for local access from Windows and Apple computers, and remote access from any device via WebDAV and SFTP. Connect a USB printer for shared network printing and a DECT phone station for cordless handsets and IP telephony. An optional powered USB hub allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously.

What makes Keenetic better than other routers?

  • Every feature, protocol and application listed works out of the box
  • Easy to use web interface and Initial Setup Wizard
  • Remotely manageable via mobile app, cloud and VPN
  • Any model can run in a seamless Keenetic Mesh
  • Download Station and Media Server are available on every model with a full-featured USB port
  • Receive feature and security updates 6 times a year for 4 years
  • Offer a 3-year warranty from the date of sale
  • Efficient technical support in English and Italian and trouble-free service
  • More than 7 million users since 2010