Wi-Fi solutions to meet all your needs

KeeneticOS delivers features that meet all the needs of today's families. Digital security for kids, a seamless wireless experience throughout the home, a big advantage for gamers and easy installation are just a few.

There’s no place like home

Meet the most advanced parental controls on the market

Most advanced KeeneticOS brings kids’ safety to a completely new level. With deep and advanced content filtering options, KeeneticOS keeps unwanted websites miles away. When the situation requires different methods, schedule features, and speed limits enables you to support children to focus on what matters most.

Content filtering

Content filtering

Use Family Protection mode to block access to all adult websites and enforce safe surfing.

Ad blocking

Ad blocking

Block annoying ads across all devices in the home. Surf and read with peace of mind.

Malicious phishing & malware domain protection

Malicious phishing & malware domain protection

Block access to phishing, spam, malware and malicious domains.

Internet schedules

Internet schedules

Set Internet access schedules, which is especially important for our children.

Speed limits

Speed limits

Set speed limits per device or family member to control the entire network.

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Nowhere to hide

Wi-Fi everywhere!

When the most advanced wireless technology meets the most advanced software, magic happens. Our powerful mesh system allows you to cover your entire home with a superfast Wi-Fi network. You won't have to worry about your signal when you're moving around the house or video chatting on WhatsApp. Gigabits of throughput to keep your family and friends entertained. Forever and ever.

Just a tap away!

One mobile app to control your network

Get the most out of your Wi-Fi network with the Keenetic app. Add rules and set schedules for your kids' devices. Invite friends to join your guest network. Log into your network remotely. Improve your network management. The most intuitive and customizable way to manage Wi-Fi networks ever.

Guest network

Create a separate network for guests to ensure the security and privacy of your primary network.

Traffic insights

Monitor and analyse network traffic to gain valuable insight into data usage and network performance.

Client list

Easily view and manage all devices connected to your network for better control and security.


Receive regular firmware updates to ensure your router is equipped with the latest security patches and performance enhancements.

Remote management

Manage your router's settings and configurations from anywhere with convenient remote management.


Efficiently troubleshoot network issues with built-in diagnostic tools to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


Enhance your gaming experience

Choose the Wi-Fi solution that works best for you. With KeeneticOS and best-in-class features, you are ready to achieve more as a professional player. KeeneticOS is designed to give you the best possible gaming experience.

Minimized ping, lag and latency
Hardware offloading for better throughput
Customizable powerful Mesh Wi-Fi
Stay ahead with continuous improvement baked-in
Game-aware IntelliQoS priority management
Simultaneous game and VPN functionality
Non-stop plunge with Multi-WAN

My home is my castle

Peace of mind for the whole family

KeeneticOS keeps you safe from all types of malware, ransomware, spyware and pishing. The content filtering feature adds an extra layer of protection to your home Wi-Fi by automatically blocking access to known malicious sites.

Malware Malware
Ransomware Spyware
Spyware Ransomware
Phishing Phishing

Always update

Keep your privacy and security at the forefront with KeeneticOS automatic updates. Stay protected against the latest discovered cyber threats and vulnerabilities without any manual effort. Trust our advanced technology to keep you and your family safe online.

We choose the best channel for you

With automatic channel assignment, you can enjoy lightning-fast internet and uninterrupted streaming without ever having to manually adjust your router settings.