Empowered enterprise

Build the future of your network on the strength of Keenetic

For tech-savvy decision makers, Keenetic is the epitome of cost effectiveness, combining exceptional functionality and performance with optimized capital and operational expenditure. Choosing Keenetic means choosing a future-proof foundation that addresses your needs head-on. Don't get bogged down in choosing hardware models that may not be viable tomorrow. Choose the comprehensive KeeneticOS solution designed for those who demand exceptional long-term support. With Keenetic, making the smart choice has never been easier.

Seamless Internet, no downtime

Your office never misses a beat with Keenetic

Your Keenetic Mesh Wi-Fi router revolutionizes Internet access by allowing you to connect to multiple ISPs simultaneously, overcoming the limitations of connection types or service packages. Its unique ability to simultaneously use DSL, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Fibre and 4G/LTE connections for failover and load balancing ensures your office stays connected, smart and responsive — without interruption. Should one ISP go down, your Keenetic will intuitively switch to another, ensuring your online world remains uninterrupted around the clock.

Tailor-made business Wi-Fi

Scale with ease with Keenetic Mesh Wi-Fi Extenders

Start with a single, powerful Keenetic Mesh Wi-Fi Router and use its Wi-Fi System Controller feature to seamlessly expand your network with Mesh Wi-Fi Extenders as your business needs evolve. This scalable solution adapts to the unique needs of your business, allowing for a customized setup via Ethernet connections or wireless mesh technology. Whether your office spans multiple floors or is compactly designed, Keenetic ensures consistent, uninterrupted and secure Internet coverage everywhere.

Hardware interchangeability

Seamless performance across generations

The entire Keenetic range, from the first generation to the latest, runs on a single, powerful KeeneticOS. This ensures seamless compatibility, easy scalability and unrivalled security across the board. Our systems stand the test of time with exceptional stability and performance improvements, validated by industry benchmarks and glowing user testimonials, ensuring smooth hardware interchangeability and seamless operation with each update.

Optimized feature set

Faster boot times and less memory usage

Enhance your network with KeeneticOS: the modular operating system that adapts to your business needs like a smartphone. Pick the features you need, ditch the rest, and experience unparalleled speed, tailored functionality and rock-solid stability. Transform your Internet experience into a powerhouse of efficiency with KeeneticOS, where optimal performance meets customized utility.

At least four years of upgrades

Keep your network ahead of the curve

With KeeneticOS, your devices will receive automatic, seamless updates for at least four years, introducing new features and improving security and stability in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Our dual flash memory design ensures these updates are fail-safe, so you can focus on driving your business forward without worrying about network performance.

Unbreakable cyber shield

The digital security guard for your office

Your Keenetic comes pre-configured with the most advanced security measures to provide a fortress-like protection for your office's digital life. Experience the unparalleled security of bank-grade encryption, intelligent device isolation with network segmentation and relentless intrusion prevention. Remember, with Keenetic you're not just buying hardware, you're buying peace of mind with automatic updates that keep your digital realm secure, reliable and performing at its best - effortlessly.

Top secret Wi-Fi

Featuring advanced WPA3 protocol

Whether it's the cutting-edge encryption of WPA3-Personal, which automatically provides superior protection for today's devices, or the advanced WPA3-Enterprise and WPA3-OWE standards, which set the new standard for password-free Wi-Fi access, Keenetic has your business covered. Experience unmatched security and ease of deployment, making your office a fortress against digital threats while providing seamless connectivity.

Smart hospitality

Where security meets convenience for your office guests

Change the way you welcome guests to your office with Keenetic routers. Offer your visitors Wi-Fi access without compromising the security of your office network. With Keenetic, you can easily create a dedicated guest network — complete with a unique name and password — to ensure it's completely isolated from your office's private connection. Limit bandwidth to ensure your streaming and surfing speeds are not affected. Plus, manage guest network settings effortlessly on the go with our intuitive mobile app. Welcome guests to your smart office with the perfect balance of hospitality and privacy.

Application-aware traffic management

Hassle-free video conferencing with IntelliQoS

Minimize ping, eliminate lag and say goodbye to latency issues to ensure a flawless online experience for every colleague. The IntelliQoS traffic prioritization engine recognizes around 2000 of the most popular applications to boost their performance in the most relevant way. The result is a great online experience with high throughput and low latency. Make KeeneticOS the backbone of your business for unparalleled quality and reliability.

Secure VPN connectivity on-demand

Transform your office network into a global hub

Interconnect branch offices and easily connect home workers to the office network using your choice of VPN tools, including IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv1, IKEv2, IPIP, EoIP, GRE and WireGuard. Keenetic routers offer fast, hardware-accelerated data transfers and seamless integration, and can even operate on a connection without a global IP address.

Have offices nationwide? No problem!

Keep your business online 24/7

Keenetic's remote monitoring and management system allows organizations to easily scale their IT infrastructure as their needs evolve. It enables efficient management of multiple networks in different geographical locations, improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, enhances security and enables proactive problem resolution, resulting in a more robust IT environment.