Keenetic Buddy 6

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AX3000 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender with Gigabit Ethernet Port

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Connectivity, extended gracefully

Beyond walls, within reach

Buddy 6 is designed to amplify and extend the reach of your wireless network to every corner of your home or office. Using the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, this extender ensures seamless connectivity for all your devices, from streaming media players to smart home gadgets. Setup is a breeze with simple plug-and-play installation, so you can enjoy extended Wi-Fi coverage in minutes.

Software that expands your horizons

Seamlessly connected, effortlessly managed

Buddy's full functionality is unlocked when connected to a Keenetic router using Mesh Wi-Fi technology, or with Ethernet cables for maximum performance. The Keenetic devices in a Mesh Wi-Fi System form a network with seamless 802.11k/r/v roaming and centralised management from the main router, mobile app or cloud service. Take your Wi-Fi experience to the next level with Buddy 6 and enjoy unparalleled speed and reliability for all your connected devices.

Hardware offloading

Our hardware-level network accelerator reduces CPU load, allowing network traffic to be processed faster and ensuring optimal performance even under heavy load.

Whole Home & Mesh Wi-Fi

Say goodbye to dead zones with our Mesh Wi-Fi feature, which allows multiple units to work seamlessly together to create consistent, robust wireless coverage throughout your space.

Wi-Fi 6 AX3000

Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology for faster speeds, increased capacity and better performance in dense environments.

Gigabit port

Enjoy full-throttle connectivity with the Gigabit port, delivering great performance for your most demanding applications — HD video streaming, gaming, and large file transfers.

Wired and wireless backhaul

Use wired or wireless connections to extend your Mesh Wi-Fi system. For better wireless performance, use a wired backhaul connection between the main router and the extender.

802.11k/r/v Seamless Roaming

Your phones and tablets can move seamlessly between different Wi-Fi extenders without interruption. This means you can stay connected as you move around, ensuring a seamless experience with no drop in connection or performance.

The most advanced operating system for your network

KeeneticOS makes managing your network a breeze. With a beautifully designed interface and rich functionality, you can build the most advanced networks that work for your family or business and protect against cyber threats.

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Key features
Model number KN-3411
CPU MT7981B  1300 MHz, dual core
Flash memory, Dual Image 128 MB
Wi-Fi 2.4 + 5 GHz
Wi-Fi class AX3000
Antennas 3 dBi
Ethernet ports 1 x 1 Gbps
WPS/Wi-Fi button
Mesh Wi-Fi System
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network 574 Mbps (802.11ax)
5 GHz Wi-Fi network 2402 Mbps (802.11ax)
Wireless network
Seamless roaming 802.11k/r/v
Airtime Fairness
WPA2-PSK, WPA2-Enterprise
WPA3-PSK, WPA3-Enterprise, OWE
Multi-SSID and Guest Network
Access control by MAC address
Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)
Features and protocols
Direct or cloud access via KeenDNS
Troubleshooting and management
Cloud-based Remote Network Monitoring and Management
Mobile app for Android and iOS
Web Interface with the Initial Setup Wizard and HTTPS security
Command Line (CLI) via TELNET/SSH
An option to control from external network
Backup and restore configuration
Automatic OS updates
System event logging
Physical specifications and environment requirements
Device dimensions excluding antenna, w x d x h 68 mm x 41 mm x 128 mm
Device weight 208 g
Operating temperature 0–40 °С
Operating humidity 20–95% non-condensing
Power supply voltage 100–240 V 50/60 Hz
Package contents
Ethernet cable
Quick start guide
EU Declaration of Conformity CE-KN-3411-EN