Wi-Fi For Your Smart Home and Business

Smart Home and IoT Ready

Everything for your Smart Home and the IoT

Keenetic Mesh Wi-Fi Routers are ready today for the expanded security, capacity and coverage demands of the smart home of tomorrow. Just like anything connected to the Internet, smart home devices can be infected by viruses and spyware or hacked and used to spy on you. The beauty of Keenetic routers is that they allow equipment such as smart TVs that don't have internal security systems to be as safe as those that do and prevent any of your smart devices accessing your data or eavesdropping on your traffic. Exceptional built-in security options including network segmentation and cloud-based cyberthreat protection ensure and defend your ever smarter Smart Home.

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Network segmentation
Internet safety with AdGuard DNS, Cloudflare DNS and SafeDNS

Compatible with Almost All IPTV Providers

Keenetic routers work with every imaginable IPTV service model that providers use. Watch it on set-top boxes, computers, smart TVs, over the wire or via Wi-Fi.


Guest Wi-Fi

There is enough Internet for both guests and hosts, and the security of the home network will remain locked up.