Wi-Fi For Your Smart Home and Business

Powerful Network Storage & Backup

Built in storage and backup features means your data is safe

Connect an external USB disk to a Keenetic router to enable a network server to process backups and file sharing with your family or co-workers. Keenetic offers the simplicity of fully automated network backups using Mac OS X Time Machine or Windows 10 File History applications, simultaneously. Download Station and Media Server router applications transform Keenetic with connected USB drive into a centralized entertainment server to enjoy up to 4K media streaming to your Smart TV.

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Connecting a USB drive
Remote access to your files from the Internet
Apple Network and Time Machine backup support
Connecting a printer

Guest Wi-Fi

There is enough Internet for both guests and hosts, and the security of the home network will remain locked up.


VPN When You Need It

Connect to your office or desired VPN service and bravely access the public Wi-Fi network via a secure VPN channel to your home network.