Wi-Fi For Your Smart Home and Business

Robust Cyberthreat Protection

Always safe from Cyberthreats

Your Keenetic comes with security options preconfigured for safe operation in the home, right out of the box. Like no other home router Keenetic deploys bank-grade digital HTTPS certificates to protect device management, and offers network segmentation to isolate and guard the traffic of smart home IoT gadgets, preventing unauthorized access by blocking any unknown device, and performs fully automatic regular software updates to maintain constant market-leading levels of security, reliability, performance.

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KeeneticOS automatic updates
Secure access with KeenDNS
Network segmentation, e.g. Guest segment

Guest Wi-Fi

There is enough Internet for both guests and hosts, and the security of the home network will remain locked up.


VPN When You Need It

Connect to your office or desired VPN service and bravely access the public Wi-Fi network via a secure VPN channel to your home network.