Wi-Fi For Your Smart Home and Business

Fully Capable for Complex Business Needs

Keenetic delivers a combination of business-class features and ease of use

With your Keenetic you can take advantage of affordable business-class performance, security, and reliability. Keenetics are perfect for a small business, a home office, teleworkers, a retail location, offices, restaurants, small hospitality operations, medical and dental offices, realtors, or smaller business branches. Keenetic delivers easy to use genuine business-class features on a Mesh Wi-Fi System offering many advantages:

  • Uninterrupted Business class connectivity with built-in redundancy and load balancing

  • Heightened Employee productivity through continuous access and comprehensive protection from hackers, viruses, and other threats

  • Secure connectivity for branch offices, road warriors, and telecommuters using Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology

  • Protection against information leaks employing traffic and network resources segmentation

  • Improved customer engagement, and sales opportunities through the ability to offer free Wi-Fi to your visitors with a number of built-in hotspot options

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Compatible with Almost All IPTV Providers

Keenetic routers work with every imaginable IPTV service model that providers use. Watch it on set-top boxes, computers, smart TVs, over the wire or via Wi-Fi.


Guest Wi-Fi

There is enough Internet for both guests and hosts, and the security of the home network will remain locked up.